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Ridging and Re-ridging Properties

The Ridge is the hat of your property, if you have a hat with a hole in it you get wet!

All types of ridging finishes can be produced, from turn-over or butt-up to flush or ornamental, in both modern and traditional styles.

The following considerations are important when Ridging work is required:

  • Is it in keeping with the area you live in?
  • Most ridges in Dorset were what is called a flush ridge, simple in construction but hard wearing.

There are two types: Turnover or Butts up.

Modern Thatch / Dorset Model

Thatched properties built from 1980 onwards are referred as “Modern”, whilst ones from 1990 onwards are known as “Dorset Model”.

Block Ridge / Ornamental Ridge

Many thatched properties come with a Block ridge also known as an Ornamental ridge. When you see one of these they have many types:

  • Point
  • Scallops
  • Point and Scallops
  • Straight, to name just a few!

Some times it better to change an Ornamental Ridge to a simpler one as this will save our customers money.

Our Services

  • Re-thatching
  • Ridging
  • Repairs and Patching
  • Finishing



Re-thatching over existing coats will usually require stripping up to two coats to prevent excessive weight being placed on the roof and to gain an even finish. While Re-ridging at the right time can prolong the life of your entire roof.

Having a section of roof that has a leak does not always require an entire re-thatch. Where appropriate patching can repair the damaged section and form a water tight seal.

Many structural repairs can be done from the inside or repaired externally in sections to avoid a roof re-build.

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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Having a section of roof that has a leak does not always require an entire re-thatch.

Where appropriate, Patching can repair the damaged section and form a water-tight seal so making the property secure for the owners and giving extended lifespan.

Patching is one of the important skills a thatcher can learn, a repair can give a property extended life, without a complete re-thatch.

Parts of a property can be Re-thatched and joined to old thatch, whilst valleys can be re-thatched.

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From thatch roof installations and repairs to maintenance and surveys, Mike Howes handle all aspects of thatching work. Whether you want to fix your thatched roof or re-thatch it, you can count on my skill, expertise and dedication to the craft.

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