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Our History and Team

The team at Dorset Master Thatcher consists of Mike, Rohan and James and all three are passionate about providing high-quality Thatching to customers across Dorset.

Mike Howes

Mike HowesStarted thatching with Glen Holloway, and when Glen retired Mike worked for a few different thatcher’s for a few years then started his own business.

To have a job we’re we can be artisans is wonderful.

Rohan Hennessy – has 9 years thatching experience, and joined the business in June 2013 and has a great commitment and is a very hard worker.

James Hogg – Has been with us for two years and will become full-time member of the team in June 2022.

Each property we go to is unique, so each property is a bespoke thatch roof, we love the traditional thatch property’s and have documented some great work from our predecessors, and incorporated the knowledge into our skillset.

The team at Dorset Master Thatcher continues to learn all the time, and we work with water reed, combed wheat reed, mostly, any and all types of buildings including;

  • New builds
  • Not so new
  • Listed properties
  • Properties not built yet

Dorset Master Thatcher ensures customers get involved in the process so they can understand what we are doing and the finished result is of a high quality, so both customer and the team are proud of the outcome.

Our Services

  • Re-thatching
  • Ridging
  • Repairs and Patching
  • Finishing

Thatching & Re-thatching

Thatching & Ridging

Most modern thatch property’s, are only one coat and more often than not are water reed. Some have fire board and some do not.

More traditional thatch properties in Dorset are a multi-layard, this is usually under coat and outer coat, but sometimes they have many more layers of thatch.

Properties that are many layers is not ideal and can cause structural problems that have to be remedied.

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Patching is one of the important skills a thatcher can learn, a good repair can give a property extended life, without a complete rethatch.

Or parts of a property can be re-thatched and joined to old, valleys can be re-thatched.

Many thatch properties in Dorset have been done in different stages to keep cost down and longevity up.

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Friendly and professional service

Call us on 07780 704 419 or alternatively email your enquiry

All aspects of Thatching work undertaken

From thatch roof installations and repairs to maintenance and surveys, Mike Howes handle all aspects of thatching work. Whether you want to fix your thatched roof or re-thatch it, you can count on my skill, expertise and dedication to the craft.

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